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LC America – A Cultural AdjustmentConsulting and IBI Contract

ProblemLC America desired to concentrate on the engineering aspects of building their U.S. production plant without allowing administrative details to burden them.

MI’s Solution – Through the International Business Incubator (IBI) program, MI acted as the U.S. company for the first year and a half, developing HR policies, handling logistics and AP for the construction phase of the project, and providing valuable advice that saved the company money.

Deep Dive – LC America purchased land and was going to start building its manufacturing facility. Providing added value, by understanding their unique needs and knowing which questions to ask, MI was able to set up the U.S. legal entities that optimized the parent company’s financial investment. We also worked with local economic development agencies to ensure the company was reaping all the benefits it could.

MI utilized the IBI to act as the U.S. company for the first year and a half. Our staff invoiced clients, answered phones, and handled everything associated with operations. This enabled the company’s management to focus on the technical and engineering requirements of the manufacturing plant. They did not have to immediately hire full-time staff that would have been underutilized, saving them money during this extended start-up phase.

As the production facility was nearing completion, MI also collaborated with the client to recruit U.S. managers who could effectively work with the management in Italy, including the Italian manager who was sent to live and work in the U.S. on an E-2 investor visa. Working with a leadership and human capital consulting firm, we helped identify, vet, and hire personnel for the Greensboro plant. We also interfaced with the local community college to help train future assembly line staff.

Entering a new market is daunting; understanding legal and cultural differences can make or break a new venture. With Management inSites, we knew we were in great hands. Their internationally-minded consultants and professional team supported us at every step along the way. From establishing the legal entity to hiring culturally sensitive production staff and handling our initial operations, MI gave us the start we needed to make LC America the success it is today.
Stefano Cazzaniga
CEO of LC America
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