Warehousing and Logistics ServicesReserved for IBI Clients


When ramping up business in the U.S., not all companies have enough inventory to necessitate the use of a third-party warehouse. Many 3PLs, especially in the age of e-commerce, require a minimum inventory and rate of turnover that new companies can have difficulty meeting. That’s where MI steps in with our warehousing and logistics services.


The MI IBI warehouse, located in Spartanburg, S.C., provides an intermediary solution for our IBI clients. Our fully-staffed location provides a professional, and safe, storage option for inventory, samples, and other products. Showcasing is also an option upon request.


At our S.C. warehouse, we offer full logistics services. This allows our IBI clients who have opted in to our warehouse to send products to customers and accept deliveries from abroad. Logistics services include inventory management, pick-and-pack, and returns processing, among others.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, the warehouse option is reserved for our IBI clients. If you are a client of Management inSites in another capacity, please speak to your account manager for more information.

MI can provide a minimum of 500 sq. ft. of space for our IBI clients. Please contact us for pricing.

At the moment, we have no maximum limit. If we see that a client is rapidly increasing inventory and turnaround, we might recommend moving to a 3PL. But this will occur on a case-by-case basis.

We can arrange for shipments to be made on any day of the week. IBI clients utilizing the warehouse option will be provided specific details about shipping options.

As long as MI is given adequate notice about an upcoming delivery, we can arrange to have a team member accept the shipment at our warehouse.

MI’s extensive warehouse location in Spartanburg, SC contains several dynamic areas that can be used for showroom purposes. IBI clients can store speciality machinery or products in these designated areas where customers can come to view them in person. For more information, ask your account manager.