Management inSites (MI) was founded in 2000 as Marketing inSites by Dr. Claudio Carpano and renamed as Management inSites in 2003. What started as consulting work on the side during Dr. Carpano’s tenure as Professor of Management and Director of the International Business Graduate Programs at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte quickly grew into a successful company that supports foreign businesses by starting and running their U.S. subsidiaries. We pride ourselves in merging extensive practical experience across industry settings with a disciplined and methodical approach, which is rooted in the academic DNA upon which our company was established.

What makes Management inSites (MI) unique is that we combine consulting, professional, and operational services under one roof. The operational support we provide through the International Business Incubator (IBI) has become our signature service that helps companies where and when they need it most. Conceptually designed in 2000, and perfected over the past 20 years, the IBI has helped launch dozens of successful businesses in the U.S. market.

In recent years, MI has purposefully diversified our client base and hired professionals that continually propel the company into the future. MI’s professionals are full-time employees of our company – not a network of individual consultants. The key members of our staff have been working with MI for several years, and all of our employees leverage our extensive internal knowledge database. Having full-time employees, leadership stability, and institutionalized knowledge ensures the consistency and reliability of our service.

In November 2020, Daniel Andrepont (who had previously been COO of Management inSites) assumed the role of CEO, and became a 50% shareholder of the company.


To assist foreign companies to enter the U.S. market quicker, with fewer risks, and lower costs. We accomplish this by providing integrated operational, professional, and consulting services requiring extensive knowledge of U.S. business practices to reduce market entry barriers. We strive to not only see companies grow, but to have them thrive to the point of no longer needing our services.

Why We Do What We Do

  • To help companies bring new products to market in the U.S.
  • To support family legacies
  • To create more jobs for our region
  • To expand horizons for our employees, our clients, and the community

Our Company Values

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6 US Market Entry Tips
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  • Commit to the success of MI and of our clients. When our clients succeed, we succeed.
  • Exceed customer expectations. Act as if you are the client.
  • Respect each other and our unique talents, cultural differences, and outside personal commitments.
  • Celebrate individual, team, and client accomplishments. We win as a team.
  • Overcome mistakes and Strive to do more, learn, and innovate. There is no innovation without failure.
  • Trust the team, Share knowledge, and Support each other. Nothing can be accomplished by an individual alone.
  • Assist our community and the pursuit of international understanding.
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