Team Building with MI Team

team building exercise

Management inSites works diligently year-round to ensure optimal results for our roster of clients. That’s why, every year, we make it a point to throw our employees a spring party to celebrate our wins!

Our annual reunion is a fun occasion for us to show the MI team our appreciation for all their hard work. As we’ve previously stated, cultivating a positive company culture is a key determinant in our successful endeavors. Moreover, it is an opportunity to participate in a team-building exercise. Though these exercises are often viewed as superfluous, they are a way to quantify measures that “build trust, mitigate conflict, encourage communication, and increase collaboration”[1].

This year we decided to dip our paintbrushes into something new! The team headed over to our local art studio, where each employee was assigned their own canvas. Each canvas was a smaller portion of the bigger picture: our company logo. The final result was a masterpiece! Not only did it showcase our individual talents, it demonstrated that our final output is more valuable when we work together.

team building management insites

We ate snacks, let our imaginations run wild, and—most importantly—bonded together.

We had an absolute blast!

A special thank you to Wine and Design Charlotte for hosting us.

[1] Why Team Building Is The Most Important Investment You’ll Make