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What Makes a Good Social Media Strategy?

The decision to use social media as part of your overall marketing strategy is a vital one, considering how pervasive the outlet has become over the last several years.

Social Media Marketing for Industrial Products and Capital Equipment

Despite what some might think, social media is not exclusively for the B2C marketplace. If you associate Web 2.0 with tweens making videos and brands selling lipstick and clothes, then you are only seeing a very small part of a much bigger picture.

Do Industrial Products and Capital Equipment Need Traditional Marketing Tactics?

Some professionals in the industrial products and capital equipment industries believe that traditional marketing strategies should be left to the B2C marketplace.

Glossary – Documents Needed to Establish a U.S. Company

Starting a company in the U.S. is a fairly quick and easy process. Normally, you can apply and have your company registered in less than a week. While easy, there are some things you should have in order to set yourself up for success.

Building Relationships During COVID-19

As many salespeople know, travel restrictions and the need for physical distance due to the COVID-19 pandemic has meant reimagining what building and maintaining relationships looks like.

In a COVID-19 World, It’s Not All Bad

Since the world first encountered COVID-19 at the end of 2019, life for almost everyone has gotten more complicated. In order to avoid becoming infected with this potentially deadly disease, people have taken extreme measures to stay safe.

Is Your Organizational Culture Prepared for COVID-19?

Everyone agrees that COVID-19 is disrupting businesses in ways that will be felt for quite some time. What we consider “normal” working behaviors will shift. In particular, we see three issues that will drive how sales, marketing, and service will need to adapt to the new “normal”.

Servicing Your Customers from a Distance During COVID-19 and Beyond

When providing service for your company’s products is an integral part of your model, it can be challenging to adjust to a time when in-person contact is not only frowned upon, but even prohibited in certain parts of the world.

Spotlights on Cultural Differences: What to Expect From Your American Employees, Part 1

As you begin to set up the American subsidiary for your company, it is important to remember one key factor that will have an immediate impact on how your first year rolls out: the cultural differences between Americans and other cultures.

Spotlights on Cultural Differences: What to Expect From Your American Employees, Part 2

Beyond operations, sales, and marketing, a manager would be remiss not to focus on how cultural differences might impact the success of a subsidiary.

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