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water industry OWC and MI partner to help water experts enter US market
Management inSites (MI) is working with Ontario Water Consortium (OWC) to offer members the opportunity to bring their projects into the U.S. market.
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About Management inSites

Management inSites (MI) assists companies entering or looking to strengthen their presence in the U.S. water market by offering an unequalled combination of consulting, management, marketing, and operational back-office services.

Our experience with the equipment and water industries, along with knowledge of the global business environment, allows us to provide our clients with unrivaled support.

Our Water Industry Experience

Our team boasts a wide range of expertise, including nearly two decades in the water sector, providing project management, value engineering, and advice on construction proposals and projects. MI has served clients with successful U.S. businesses in multiple industries for over 15 years, making us uniquely positioned to help you succeed in the U.S. market.

5 Packages, 5 Solutions for Success

MI supports companies in all phases of the business cycle: from recent startups to established businesses looking to expand in the market and improve performance. Each of our packages can be tailored to meet the needs of the company.

Management inSites offers OWC members office hours, during which members can call MI with specific, prepared questions about U.S. market entry. Examples might include questions about visas, feedback on market positioning, inquiries about service providers (i.e. accountants, attorneys, etc.), and questions about regions throughout the country. Companies need only book a block of time during MI’s allotted hours every month to take advantage of this service.

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OWC members and non-members alike can test the waters by pitching their plans to a panel of experts in U.S. business and market entry, technology, and the water industry. Participants will receive in-depth feedback that they can use to solidify their U.S. expansion plan as a result of the 2-hour session.

For those who are preparing to enter the U.S. market and need a boost, Management inSites can provide the tools for success. Market Evaluators can choose 3 activities from among MI’s offerings to focus on. List below:

  • Identify distribution channels and contact potential distributors
  • Introductions to engineers and municipalities
  • Feedback on current expansion strategies
  • Marketing collateral (feedback on current marketing collateral and activities, recommendations on next steps)
  • Identifying trade shows to attend, and strategies for show attendance
  • Help with site selection and securing incentives

This case study demonstrates how MI helped a client with distribution, this study explores how we helped a company rethink its expansion strategy, and this shows how we helped another with marketing materials.

MI can provide an in-depth market analysis based on the entry plan presented by the company. The market study can include competitor analysis, temperature check of your company’s structure and culture to ensure it has the capabilities to meet the potential demands of the U.S. market, research on where your target market, supply chains, and key logistic points are located in the U.S., exploration of U.S. trends in the water sector that could provide opportunities or threats to your business, and an analysis of governmental red tape that would present roadblocks for success.

This case study explores an in-depth market study we provided for a client.

This package is geared towards companies that are ready to enter the market and need consultative support with water sector expertise – both those that require company formation services, and those that are already established. Management inSites has decades of experience working with international companies – especially those in the industrial equipment and technology sectors – that are introducing their products and services to the U.S. market.

With the IBI package, MI can provide consulting and operational support including crafting sales and distribution strategies, access to key market players in the water sector and engineering space, operational support, logistics integration, full marketing support, and a physical U.S. address and dedicated phone line, among other services to support U.S. customers

This package allows OWC members to fully enter the market without the need for a full operational staff. While MI acts as the company’s back-office, members can focus on their core competencies while establishing their manufacturing and warehousing facilities.

This case study demonstrates how MI helped a company through its International Business Incubator (IBI).

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