BSN a global marketing approach

BSN – A Global Approach

ProblemBSN, a global company, experienced difficulty with compartmentalization across different regions. The company wasn’t acting with one vision, but rather with individual and disparate approaches to marketing and management.

MI’s Solution – MI was retained by BSN to assess the company’s need for executive education to strengthen the performance of its marketing department (both domestic U.S. and Global). As a result of what we found, we developed a series of executive education seminars to help improve global management skills across global marketing.

Deep Dive – BSN’s strategic goal was to take full advantage of the opportunities arising from the execution of a globally standardized marketing strategy. The successful implementation of such a strategy required, among other things, the establishment of worldwide integrative mechanisms. In addition, BSN needed to establish a shared view of the competitive environment of the company’s objectives among all BSN employees worldwide.

When MI began working with BSN, we interviewed the company’s marketing personnel and collected information through the administration of a survey instrument. We found that BSN was facing structural and cultural problems that were inhibiting the company’s ability to fully capitalize on opportunities both in the U.S. and worldwide. We suggested that global leadership establish a shared vision of the environment, improve communication of global activities, and enhance knowledge sharing across both divisions and markets so that global opportunities could be pursued.

In order to address these issues, MI developed a series of seminars for global management that addressed perceptions of BSN’s role in the industry, product development, and how the leadership team interacted and communicated across functional areas.